On the phone, Shinichi told Leafa about the meeting that will take place between the Caith Siths and the Sylphs and that it will be interrupted by the Salamanders.sao_episode_20 Kirito and Leafa decided to go for help. Kirito introduced himself as an ambassador and asked the Salamanders’ leader “Eugene” to withdraw, but Eugene didn’t accept and asked for a 30 seconds duel. Kirito tried his best during these 30 seconds, but Eugene was very strong having a one of a kind sword. When the leader felt Kirito’s strength, he wanted to kill him. Kirito borrowed Leafa’s sword and used his dual sword ability to beat Eugene, and so he did. sword_art_online_episode_20 “Sakuya”; the Sylphs leader revived Eugene who confessed about Kirito’s strength and accepted to withdraw for now. When Kirito and Leafa told Sakuya about Sigurd’s plan with the Salamanders, She contacted him and banished him from Sylph Territory, she also stripped him of his rank in the Sylph race. After witnessing all Kirito’s strength, the girl leaders of both Caith Sith and Sylphs showed their interest in Kirito wanting to know him more. Leafa was jealous and she was about to blurts out her feeling for Kirito. Kirito declined the offers and said that he is not bothered by Leafa’s presence because she doesn’t act like girls. Before leaving, Kirito handed a large amount of money to the Caith Sith and Sylphs inorder to improve their power. Then he and Leafa left for Arun City. Meanwhile, Asuna used her memory to remember the code of the room she is stuck in and so she escaped from the cage at the top of the World Tree!
“I promise you Kirito, I won’t give up” She said. sword_art_online_season_1_episode_20


Until now, things are getting better. But what will happen next?
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