After a month of the game, 2000 players died so far. Diabel, a player decided to hold a meeting between the players left in order to know how to beat the boss with the help of the info found in a guide book. The money will be distributed equally and the xp are for the winner. The players were divided to groups of 6, but kirito found himself with no partner except a girl that was sitting alone, so he suggested to be her partner and she agreed. The girl’s name was Asuna, he noticed that on her s. The decision of the meeting was to go the next day by 10 AM to challenge on the first field. That night kirito met Asuna and they ate together, but Asuna stated that she did not came to this country to eat, she came to not loose sight of who she is and stay who she really is till the last moment. “Even if a monster beats me and I die, I wont lose to this game or this sword no matter what” she said. “Try not to die tomorrow” Kirito replied.

December 3,2022 Floor 1: Forest field
As agreed the day before, the players were going to the first challenge. On their way Kirito gave Asuna some instructions since he thought that she was a beginner. But when the challenge began, he found that she has skills and she is really brave, so they all fought together until Diabel was injured. Before he died, Kirito tried to help but Diabel refused and told him to defeat the boss for everyone here, since he is a rare item just like him, he is a beta tester too. Kirito killed the enemy and won the first field, but the players knew that he was e beta tester so they blamed him for Diabel’s death. He rejected and moved on. Asuna followed him and wondered : “ In the game, you called me with my name“. How did you even know it?” he told her how so she discovered that his name is Kirito.