On their way, Kirito and Leafa discovered the tracer and killed him with a spell. In this game spells are used to fight. sao_episode_19Then Yui told them about the 12 Salamander players who are coming to attack and kill. When the Salamander showed up, Kirito managed to fight alone, he told Leafa to protect him from the back by raising up his xp with her spells. Yui came up with a plan that made Kirito uses illusion magic that is associated with his Sprigging race. This magic transformed Kirito into a huge monster that beat all the 12 Salamanders. sword_art_online_episode_19 One remaining player was left, Kirito asked him to tell them some information, and in return Kirito will give him the items he just won. It turned out that the Salamanders have been receiving orders to kills Kirito and Leafa. Leafa received a message from her friend Recon telling her to contact him, but he wasn’t online. So Leafa went back to the real world and called Shinichi who told her that Sigurd; her guild leader is working with the Salamanders and that Recon got caught trying to discover their plan. Back to the game, Leafa told Kirito that she must leave and he should continue alone. She explained that it would be easier for him to reach the top of the tree if he kills her and joins the Salamanders. Kirito refused, he told her that she is a good person and that he wouldn’t kill someone he considers as a friend.
Where are they going to reach? sword_art_online_season_1_episode_19
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