Ever since Kirito started playing virtual- reality games, Suguha wanted to try them too.sao_episode_18 She had been playing Alfheim Online for a long time, and that what made her able to help Kirito fulfill his aim. First of all she guided him to a shop where he got a new sword.
When they were about to start the journey, Leafa’s friend in school “Recon” asked to join them, he loves Leafa, but she doesn’t. Then Leafa’s guild came around and they were mad because she left them and decided to be Kirito’s partner. Now she is a “Renegade” which means that she will be hated by people because she abandoned her race. Kirito and Leafa spread their wings and moved on. When their wings got tired, they landed on a field in which they had to take turns in logging out. Suguha turned back first; while relaxing, she told herself that she doesn’t like him but she likes the journey. She likes the one who she left a sandwich for “Kasatu”. When it was Kirito’s turn to log out, Leafa asked Yui if she likes Kirito and asked her why she calls him “daddy”. Yui said that she calls him so because he saved her life. sword_art_online_episode_18
On top of the tree, the evil fiancé was convincing Asuna that they are a couple in both worlds. He also told her about Kirito’s visit for the hospital where she was, and he was rude enough to tell her about inviting him for the wedding. Asuna was upset, but then she remembered that this means Kirito is still alive! When Sugu was unlocking the door to go, Asuna memorized the code. Back to the field, Kirito felt that someone is watching them, so he asked Leafa. Leafa said that it is possible that someone put a tracer on them; a kind of tracking magic that looks like a small animal or insect. A tracer can be spilled if they find him, but they won’t if the master is skilled. “Maybe they moved on.
But unfortunately, there was a tracer.
Is this journey going to end up safely?
We hope so!
See you on the next episode!