When Kirito saved the little girl “Leafa”, she became his friend. Leafa gave Kirito some flying skills; she was surprised by his high flying speed. sao_episode_17 They landed in Sylph Territory, Sylvain. As a gift to thank Kirito, Leafa invited Kirito for a drink where she gave him some helpful information about the game. She explained how hard it is to complete higher levels in the game and reach the top of the tree (where Asuna is). She added that it requires one race to give up the bounty to the other making him fly eternally. No race accepted this, so the top of the tree remained a mystery.
When Leafa saw sadness in Kirito’s eyes and heard Yui calling him “Daddy”, she suggested to go with him up to the tree. Kirito didn’t accept to put her in danger,
So she logged out of the game.sword_art_online_episode_17 In real life, Leafa turned out to be Suguha! Kirito’s little sister!
However, she can’t know that Kirito is her brother since it is not his real name.
It was Asuna’s crush, Sugu; admin of Alfheimer Online who locked her in the castle at the top of the tree. He was planning to add some illegals to the game in order to sell it to an American company. When Asuna threatened him to tell her daddy once she is back to the real world, Sugu told her that he can erase her memory!
Will Kirito and Yui reach the top of the tree and get back the life they wanted as a family? sword_art_online_season_1_episode_17
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