After receiving a blurry picture of Asuna trapped in a cage of another game, Kirito decided to visit Agil in order to give him information about it.sao_episode_16 The new game is called (Alfheim Online), it’s a popular game similar to SAO it depends on the player skills, not levels. Also the players in this game are elves and fairies.
“You are right Suguha, I shouldn’t give up”, said Kirito to his little sister. Even though he was anxious about getting into a new game, his feelings for Asuna drove him to enter Alfheim Online. sword_art_online_episode_16
First, the system asked him to choose his gender, name and avatar. He remembered that Asuna’s crush knows him as Kirito, however, he chose Kirito as his name again. Even his avatar was similar to the one he used in SAO.
Kirito landed on a field in the forest. There he tried to use his items, but they weren’t identified by the game. The only item that worked was Yui’s heart. Yui was back to her “daddy”! She was identified in this game as a navigation help pixie. Yui gave some help to Kirito who told her that her “Mommy” is stuck in this game too.
When Kirito was learning to fly, he fell down into a battle between a young elf girl and three pursuers who wanted to take off her money and items. Just at the right time, Kirito saved the girl with his super skill again.sword_art_online_season_1_episode_16
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