Back to the real world, Kirito was able to walk again after months of rehabilitation. He went home, but he had to visit the hospital every now and then. sao_episode_15
His little sister Suguha who missed him so much, was glad to see him again. That morning when Suguha was practicing her old hobbies of Kendo, Kirito was sure that he still has some skill from the game, so he challenged her to a match. The little sister won and was surprised by Kirito’s skill after being inside a virtual game for 2 years. When Kirito gave some information to a company about the game, they told him where Asuna was.
He went to see her in the hospital, still in a coma with 13 other players. While Kirito was staring at Asuna sleeping like an angel, Asuna’s father and Noboyuki Suguo; his friend in the company came. The two of them were discussing how Noboyuki will be adopted by Asuna’s family in order to be her husband! sword_art_online_episode_15
When her father left, Noboyuki admitted that when the SAO Company was bankrupted,
The maintenance of the SAO service was given to another company; which was their company! So now, he is the one keeping Asuna alive!
Then he told Kirito that he knows about the love relation in the game, but he doesn’t care.
Even though Asuna hated him since childhood, he insisted on marrying her.
Noboyuki finished his painful words and left telling Kirito to say his last goodbye to Asuna in the real world and never come back to see her again…
Kirito went home weak and depressed, his sister who turned out to be his cousin, tried to keep him calm and gave him the hope she lost. Suguha liked Kirito, but she knew that his heart is with someone else… sword_art_online_season_1_episode_15
Will Kirito give up on his one true love?
Check the next episode to know!