Kirito, Asuna and all the remaining players attacked the Skull Repear with all their power. They won, but 14 players died.sao_episode_14 The battle left the players tired on the ground wondering how they are going to handle 25 more floors. Kirito noticed that Heathcliff was the only one standing tall with a complete power. When he decided to attack him, he found out that Heathcliff is an immortal object!
Now things became clear for kirito who discovered that Heathcliff is *Akahiko Kayaba*; the SAO inventor! He is the final boss in the game. Akahiko paralyzed all the players; even Asuna, and he challenged Kirito for a duel that puts an end for all this. Heathcliff shifted to a non immortal object. Kirito accepted the duel for all the players who died telling him to continue until the end. He said goodbye to Asuna and some players like his friend Klein. Then the real fight was on. The boss was super strong that Kirito couldn’t beat. When Akahiko’s sword was about to hit Kirito for the last time, Asuna jumped in taking the final fatal hit… Asuna sacrificed her life for Kirito and showed us what true love really is… Kirito, feeling weak after Asuna’s death, held her sword and continued the fight. This time Akahiko’s sword was stated directly into Kirito’s chest.sword_art_online_episode_14 Kirito’s battery turned off and he was dead for the system… Suddenly his ghost turned back pushing Asuna’s sword toward Akahiko.
Even after death, Kirito and Asuna made it together and killed Akahiko.
High in the sky, in a very safe place, Kirito met Asuna again.
Akahiko appeared too explaining for them that when a player dies he will not be able to exist in any world anymore. Then he stood watching how his dream; the virtual world is collapsing and falling apart. Before disappearing, Asuna asked Kirito for his real name that was Kasatu and told him that her real name is Asuna too. The couple said their last goodbye and disappeared…
Well, maybe it is not the end!
Kasatu opened his eyes in the hospital, he took off his gear and went looking for Asuna; but now in the real world… sword_art_online_season_1_episode_14
How is Kirito back! And will he be able to find Asuna?
See that on the next episode!