Kirito and Asuna returned back to floor 22 to enjoy their honeymoon. On a lake there, Kirito was trying to catch some fish, but he didn’t have the skill. sao_episode_13
A professional fishing player called Nishida came near Kirito. Nishida explained how he got used to this virtual world that he wouldn’t want to go back to the real one. When he caught a fish, Kirito invited him for dinner since Asuna can do the cooking.
The next morning, a tournament was held to catch a big fish. People came; Nishida was waiting for Asuna and Kirito to collaborate. When Kirito switched with Nishida, a huge size fish came out of the lake and jumped near the players. Asuna showed how strong she is by killing this fish monster. Heathchliff sent a message calling Kirito and Asuna back to the guild. Before leaving, Asuna emotionally explained to Nishida how meeting Kirito gave her a reason to fight and return to the real world. She reminded Nishida that he must also have some reason to go back to the real world. When back to the guild, Heathcliff told them about the next dangerous boss they need to beat.sword_art_online_episode_13 Kirito was scared this time,
he didn’t want Asuna to come with him, but Asuna said that she would always feel guilty if something bad happened to him and that life without him would mean nothing to her… Tears went out of her eyes showing how she wanted badly to go back and live a real life with Kirito in a real world. Heatchliff gathered some players to floor 75 where the boss Skull Repear was.
Skull Repear had a great power;
he started killing players with only one hit. They decided to follow a strategy to attack, but the boss had a lot of life points which made it harder for him to be beaten.
The episode end when together, Kirito and Asuna attacked the boss. sword_art_online_season_1_episode_13
Will the couple come out from this battle alive?
We hope so!
See you next episode!