Kirito, Asuna and Yui had a meeting with the teacher who turned out to be the one collecting children and saving them in her church. Sadly, she didn’t know anything about Yui.sao_episode_12 Yulier, a member of an army arrived and asked the couple for helping her friend (Thinker) who trapped in an underground dungeon because she is not strong enough to do it. Yui asked them to agree and ensured that Yulier is not lying. Kirito and Asuna went with Yulier to the dungeon that was under floor 1
Yui insisted on going too. In the dungeon, they faced some monsters that Kirito killed them all. When Thinker saw them coming for help, he tried to stop them, but it was too late. sword_art_online_episode_12A boss called (The Fatal Scythe) crossed their way and initiated a battle. Kirito and Asuna sent Yui with Thinker and Yulier away to the safe zone. Together, they started fighting, but the boss was very strong and unbeatable. Suddenly, Yui showed off and stopped the boss with a huge power. She appeared to be an *Immortal* object in the game. Yui’s memory was back, she confessed to Kirito and Asuna that she is an internal Ai of the game and that she was programmed to make the players comfortable with this world. Through her mission, Yui witnessed all the players’ sadness, so she wanted to meet the only two players who seemed to be happy in this world. Yui wanted to stay with the new family she made, but her errors brought the system’s attention to delete her.
Yui said goodbye for Kirito and Asuna and told them to keep going in order to win this game. The couple was extremely sad. But the good thing was that before Yui was completely deleted, Kirito got her heart item from the system.
Kirito and Asuna went back to their 22nd floor with a hope that one day they will remit her and be a family again. sword_art_online_season_1_episode_12Are they going to meet Yui again?
Watch the coming episodes to get the answer!