It’s 2022, technology has advanced and a Virtual Reality Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (VRMMORPG) has been developed. A programmer, Kayaba Akihiko has developed a role playing game (RPG) called ‘’sword art online’’ which is ready to be launched. On its launching day, the game has earned so much anticipation game lovers queued for days to get their copy of the 10,000 available copies.

a young male player who has managed to get one of the available copies was seated and ready to log in and start the game. he plugged his NerveGear, a helmet game console used to access the RPG, and proceeded to logging in as his avatar character, Kirito.

Sao nervegear picture

He was logged in, and he found himself amidst other players in the main town of the 1st Floor (Aincrad). Kirito was eager to start his adventure as he is very conversant with the villages’ lay out since he was one of the few lucky 1000 beta players. a young man, Klein, noticed Kirito and ran up to him and asked for his help in guiding him through stating he is new to the game.

While Klein was fighting against a monster, a boar, kirito taught Klein about the necessary skills needed by a new player like Klein. During this training, Klein learned a lot about skills and also got to know a player doesn’t feel any pain when attacked in the game.

Kirito and Klein

After a while, Klein decided to log out as he had ordered for a pizza in real life stated to be delivered in 5 minutes’ time. After saying their goodbyes, Klein was stunned as he couldn’t find the log out option on the main menu. Kirito suggested it’s probably a bug which would soon be fixed by the game masters. After a while of being stranded, a strange noise of a bell was heard, and suddenly, they were teleported to a gathering of other players.

Everyone’s attention was drawn by a system announcement. Suddenly, a faceless giant figure descended from the sky. he introduced himself as the creator of the game ‘’sword art online’’, Kayaba Akihiko. He explained he is the only one who has control over the game and he intentionally made the ‘’log out’’ option inaccessible. He also explained his reasons stating that they are trapped forever until they successfully complete the game. he added they are now mortal and dying in the virtual world means death in the real world. Removing NerveGear would lead to instant death and over 200 players already lost their lives to this as reported on different news across the world.

As Kayaba ended his announcement, he instructed every player to check their inventory for a gift he has given them all, a mirror which changed every player into their real life appearance instead of their game avatar. Kayaba disappeared leaving them all to their fate.

Kirito was quick to action as he called Klein to follow him to a different village to replenish their inventory since demand is higher in their current village. Klein rejected his offer stating he wouldn’t leave his friends in real life who got stuck in the virtual world as well. Kirito proceeded on his own and fought his way through to the next village.

Just after a month, it was reported 2,000 players had already died, and still, no player has cleared the first floor out of a hundred.