Guild Name: Titan’s Hand
Japanese: Taitanzu Hando
Origin: Sword Art Online
Type: Orange Guild
Guild Leader: Rosalia
Known Members: Rosalia

Titan’s Hand is an orange type of guild that was infamous for their crimes, specifically theft and occasional murder. The guild members were commonly preparing traps and awaiting innocent players in ambush. Rosalia, the guild leader of the Titan’s Hand, kept her status green and used it to lure players into a trap. Her guild members then attacked and robbed the players. If the loot wasn’t pleasing enough, they sometimes also killed their victims.

Titan’s Hand was first mentioned in February, 2024, after they attacked a guild named Silver Flags and killed all of the members except the leader. He escaped and went to the front lines to ask for help. Kirito agreed to help him out.

Not long after that, Silica and Kirito were on a quest where they gathered ‘Pneuma Flower’. Soon after they got the item, they were ambushed by the Titan’s Hand. The attack was led by Rosalia and a bunch of rookies who were throwing swords at Kirito like they were fighting a potato bag. Kirito’s health regeneration was superior to all of the attacks combined, therefore leaving him without a scar. The members of the Titan’s Hand then surrendered, leaving Rosalia cornered. She tried to manipulate Kirito by saying that he will become orange if he hurts her. He then pointed a sword at her neck and sent them all to the Black Iron Palace jail. This meant the end for the Titan’s Hand guild.

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