Guild Name: Sleeping Knights
Japanese: Surīpingu Naitsu
Origin: ALfheim Online
Type: Green Guild
Guild Leader: Yuuki
Known Members: Ran – Founder (dead), Yuuki, Siune, Talken, Tecchi, Jun, Nori, Merida, Clovis

The Sleeping Knights, also known as Surīpingu Naitsu, is a guild with only a few members. It was created by three friends who were all suffering from severe diseases. Together, they recruited more members and began their adventure. The founder, Ran, sadly died along with some other members before we got the chance to meet them. Yuuki became the second leader and kept the guild together.

The Sleeping Knights was created with the purpose of allowing their members to explore different worlds of virtual reality. The last world that they arrived in was the newer version of ALfheim Online. Their main goal in this world was to kill a floor boss alone and earn their place on the Monument of Swordsmen. This would be their final achievement before disbanding their guild, as more of the members were near their end.

Eventually, Sleeping Knights reached the boss room with some help from Kirito. Together with Asuna, they then proceeded to destroy the boss and achieve their final goal.

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