Guild Name: Moonlit Black Cats
Japanese: Tsukiyo no Kuroneko-dan
Origin: Sword Art Online
Type: Green Guild
Guild Leader: Keita
Known Members: Keita, Sachi, Tetsuo, Sasamaru, Ducker, Kirito


Moonlit Black Cats are a small guild comprising of medium level players. The guild was formed by friends who were participating in the same computer club of their school. They were a friendly green guild mostly engaged in party monster hunting.

In April 2023, Moonlit Black Cats were clearing a labyrinth and found themselves in troubles. They were saved by Kirito who led them out of the labyrinth. The members thanked him and offered him ale. After the initial toasting, Keita asked Kirito to tell them his level. Kirito lied and said that his level was much lower than it really was.

Keita, the guild leader, invited Kirito to join their guild, and Kirito decided to stay and aid the guild until they became independent. They spent a lot of time together and became good friends. As their leader, Keita, was looking for new headquarters, the rest of the members went on a hunt in the labyrinths of the 27th floor.

They found a treasure room and found themselves trapped in it. Kirito knew that they are in problems because the monsters there were stronger. They tried to teleport out, but the room was already sealed, preventing their escape. The members were surprised and overtaken by the monsters. Everyone, except Kirito, died on the spot. After learning about these events, Keita committed suicide.

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