Guild Name: Laughing Coffin
Japanese: Rafin Kofin
Origin: Sword Art Online
Type: PK (orange/red) Guild
Guild Leader: PoH
Known Members: PoH, Johnny Black, XaXa, Kuradeel


Laughing Coffin is a notorious PK (Player Killing) guild originating in the world of Sword Art Online. They are known to be extremely violent and enjoy torturing and killing, which is why they are also known as the ‘red guild’. The most common method that they used on their victims was paralysis, which was followed by torturing until the victim died.

The guild was founded by PoH who began recruiting orange players in their ranks. Before they joined the Laughing Coffin, most of the members were mere thieves, but not killers. PoH started coming up with his own moral rules and convinced the rest that it is okay to kill.

Laughing Coffin began spreading terror in 2023, on the New Year’s Eve, when they killed all members of a small guild in order to show who they are. In April of the year 2024, the members of Laughing Coffin were hired by Grimlock who wanted to kill his guild comrades to hide up the fact that he was the one who killed Griselda, his wife. They were spooked off by Kirito.

During August 2024, the clearers formed a party of experienced players to engage in battle with the infamous Laughing Coffin. The villains, however, planned an ambush on the clearers. Despite tough odds, the clearers prevailed and killed or captured most of the Laughing Coffin members. PoH, the leader, survived and escaped. Soon after, PoH was observing the duel between Kirito and Kuradeel and invited Kuradeel to join his guild.

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