Guild Name: Knights of the Blood
Japanese: Ketsumei Kishidan
Origin: Sword Art Online
Type: Green Guild
Guild Leader: Heathcliff
Known Members: Heathcliff, Asuna, Daizen, Kuradeel, Godfree, Kirito


Knights of the blood are a medium-sized guild that recruited only the top players and participated in the clearing of the majority of high-level dungeons. Due to the high levels and skills of their members, the Knights of the blood were often acknowledged as the supreme guild in the world of Sword Art Online.

They wear noble red and white uniforms and are stationed in the living area of the 55th floor, in the steel city also known as Granzam. Even though Heathcliff was the leader of the Knights of the blood, he let his sub-leaders Asuna and Godfree to do most of the planning and clearing.

Their beginning started after the Aincrad Liberation Force suffered major losses during the boss battle on the 25th floor. As the primary clearing forces were heavily reduced, the need for a new guild arose. Heathcliff has created the Knights of the blood and recruited its first members, including Asuna. They held their first meeting on the 26th floor shortly after defeating the boss of the 25th floor. From then on, they grew in numbers and recognition, and proceed to take lead at the front lines.

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