Guild Name: Fuurinkazan
Japanese: Fūrinkazan
Origin: Sword Art Online
Type: Green Guild
Guild Leader: Klein
Known Members: Klein, Dale, Harry One, Issin, Dynamm, Kunimittz


Fuurinkazan was founded by Klein and his friends who were waiting patiently for the game to be released and obtain the copies. It is a green guild consisting of clearers and players who knew each other before the game started. In the beginning of the anime, Klein refused to go with Kirito and decided to stay with and train his friends.

Once they have cleared the 3rd floor, they decided to create a guild. Eventually, they all became worthy front-liners. Next encounter with the Fuurinkazan happened on the 28th floor where Kirito saw them fighting monsters. Around half a year after that, they followed Kirito on a special quest to obtain the Divine Stone of Returning Soul, an item that can bring one back to life. They, however, were followed as well by the Divine Dragon Alliance. Fuurinkazan distracted the Alliance while Kirito confronted the boss and obtained the precious item. After finding out that the stone can only be used on a player that isn’t dead for more than 10 seconds, he gave it to Klein and left.

Fuurinkazan Appeared again in the boss fight on the 74th floor. By then, all members were strong and well-trained. Guild members of Aincrad Liberation Force tried to take on the boss alone and suffered severe losses. Asuna, Kirito, and Klein’s guild helped the surviving members to escape.

During the Fairy Dance arc, after Sword Art Online was cleared, Fuurinkazan was re-established. The members of the guild, along with Kirito and Asuna, threw a party to celebrate the clearing of the game.

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