Guild Name: Aincrad Liberation Force
Japanese: Ainkuraddo Kaihō-gun
Origin: Sword Art Online
Type: Green Guild
Guild Leader: Thinker
Known Members: Thinker, Yulier, Kibaou, Kobatz


Aincrad Liberation Force is the biggest guild in the Sword Art Online world. It consists of thousands of players united under the purpose of maintaining order in the game. The guild is commonly also referred to as ‘The Army’. Their headquarters are located on the 1st floor in the ‘Black Iron Palace’.

The guild was founded based on the merge of Aincrad Liberation Squad and MMO Today. The Aincrad Liberation Squad, whose guild leader was Kibaou, suffered severe losses on the 25th floor due to unexpectedly strong foes and various traps and poisons. By following false information, they charged the boss and lost more than half of their troops. Not long after the tragedy, they traveled to the 1st floor and merged with MMO Today, an organization led by Thinker. Aincrad Liberation Force was formed and Thinker became its guild leader.

Before the merge, Aincrad Liberation Squad’s main goal was clearing the game, while MMO Today aimed for equality by providing players with resources and information.

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