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Sword Art Online – Veteran Quiz

1. What is the name of the bar owned by Agil and his wife in the real world?

1. Red Ribbon Bar
2. Dicey Café
3. Beater Café
4. Agil & Vera’s Café
5. Agil & Vera’s
6. They don’t own a bar

2. What is the purpose of Shino Asada's eyeglasses?

1. She has extremely bad vision and can’t see without them
2. They help her remember her youth
3. They help her forget her mother’s abuse
4. They are bullet-proof and help her deal with her paranoia
5. She thinks that she looks prettier with eyeglasses
6. She doesn’t wear eyeglasses at all

3. When did Shouzou Yuuki, the father of Asuna, resign from his position as the CEO of RECT Inc.?

1. After Asuna was released from captivity in ALO
2. Right after SAO has ended
3. Before SAO has started
4. Before SAO has ended
5. During Asuna’s captivity in ALO
6. He never resigned

4. Who was the main culprit behind Griselda's death?

1. Caynz
2. Yolko
3. Grimlock
4. PoH – the guild leader of Laughing Coffin
5. Schmitt
6. Johnny Black

5. Which one of the following was not a member of the Sleeping Knights guild?

1. Yuuki
2. Cavin
3. Nori
4. Tecchi
5. Ran

6. What was Kirito's favorite skill in SAO?

1. Dual Wield
2. Smithing
3. Fishing
4. Parry
5. Flying
6. Shield Block

7. The merge between which guilds/organizations led to the creation of Aincrad Liberation Force guild?

1. There was no merge
2. MMO Live and Aincrad Liberation Front
3. MMO RPG and Aincrad Liberation Front
4. MMO Today and Aincrad Libeartion Squad
5. MMO Forever and Aincrad Liberation Party

8. What was Lisbeth's original hair color in real life?

1. Brown
2. Black
3. Blue
4. Pink
5. Purple
6. Red

9. What was the name of the item that could bring back the dead and was dropped by Nicholas The Renegade?

1. Divine Gem of Returning Soul
2. Divine Stone of Resurrection
3. Divine Gem of Resurrection
4. Divine Stone of Returning Soul
5. Divine Crystal of Resurrection

10. How many credits did Kirito obtain by winning the 'Untouchable!' game in GGO?

1. 30,000
2. 32,000
3. 154,300
4. 300,000
5. 302,000
6. 1,000,000
7. He never won the game

All 10 questions completed!

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Sword Art Online – Veteran Quiz

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