This is the first SAO quiz from a series of 3 level quizzes. If you can solve this beginner`s quiz, you can try the intermediate sword art online quiz 🙂

Sword Art Online – Beginner Quiz

Sword Art Online – Beginner Quiz

Which of the following characters is a blacksmith?

1. Silica
2. Asuna
3. Kirito
4. Lisbeth
5. Leafa

Who is the first player that Kirito met in SAO?

1. Asuna
2. Klein
3. Lisbeth
4. Yui
5. Agil

What was the name of the boss on the 1st floor of SAO?

1. The Skull Reaper
2. Nicholas The Renegade
3. The Gleam Eyes
4. The Fatal Scythe
5. Illfang the Kobold Lord

Which of the following characters has the fastest reaction time?

1. Kirito
2. Agil
3. Heathcliff
4. Sinon
5. Asuna

Which race in ALO provides players with a tail and cat ears?

1. Sylph
2. Cait Sith
3. Spriggan
4. Salamander

What was Kirito's nickname in the SAO world?

1. The Flash
2. The Deadly Shadow
3. The Black Rider
4. The Deadly Sword
5. The Cool Guy
6. The Black Swordsman

What was the name of the biggest and most dangerous PK guild in SAO?

1. Laughing Coffin
2. Fuurinkazan
3. Sleeping Knights
4. Knights of the Blood
5. Aincrad Liberation Force

What was Akihiko Kayaba's avatar name?

1. Oberon
2. Heathcliff
3. Kirito
4. Sugou
5. Agil

How many floors did SAO world have?

1. 1000
2. 75
3. 10
4. 100
5. 150

What was the name of the first town in SAO?

1. Town of Sword Art Online
2. Town of Beginnings
3. Town of Faith
4. Starting Point

All 10 questions completed!

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Sword Art Online – Beginner Quiz

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