Lets play a game... Which character are you?

The gates to the boss room are opened and you hear screams coming out. What do you do?

1. You rush in without thinking.
2. You call your friends for help and wait.
3. You devise a plan and then rush in.
4. You try to speak to the person inside.
5. You carefully approach it but don't enter.

What do you want to do in your free time?

1. Hang out with friends
2. Fight monsters!
3. Kidnap girls
4. Fishing time
5. Craft weapons
6. Hang out with parents

Who do you save first?

1. My friends
2. My partner
3. My parents
4. Myself
5. No one, I watch them die

You’re fighting a boss and your party members keep on dying. What do you do?

1. I run away!
2. I start fighting harder!
3. I hide in the corner and freeze.
4. I panic and I don’t know what to do.
5. I lure the boss away from others.

What’s the first thing you do upon getting trapped in SAO?

1. I look for my friends
2. I start leveling up right away
3. I look for my new victims
4. Join a guild
5. Stay in a safe area

How would you describe yourself as?

1. Optimistic
2. Stubborn
3. Kind
4. Friendly
5. Pervert

Do you care about people you don’t know?

1. Not really.
2. Only once I get to know them.
3. A bit.
4. If they have something to give me.
5. Yeah, everyone matters!

What are you like around others?

1. Cheerful
2. Protector
3. Serious
4. Mean
5. Emotional

What do you do if you see another player getting PK-ed?

1. Join the PK-ers.
2. Rush in to help the player.
3. Start screaming for help.
4. Try to intimidate the PK-ers.
5. Freeze.

Which is your favorite color?

1. Blue
2. Black
3. Green
4. Pink
5. White
6. Red

All 10 questions completed!

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Lets play a game... Which character are you?

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