Top Sword Art Online Action/Romance Moments


Lisbeth and Kirito  – Season 1, Episode 7

After destroying Lisbeth’s best sword, Kirito and she decided to go on a quest to gather materials for a stronger weapon. While Kirito was fighting a dragon called X’rphan the White Wyrm, Lisbeth entered the fight too soon and got blown away by the monster’s attack. Kirito saved her but they both landed in a deep cave where they had to spend the night. Since it was cold, they were holding hands to stay warm.

Asuna and Kirito – Season 1, Episode 10

Being unable to swallow his pride, Kuradeel paralyzed Godfree and Kirito during their training. He then killed Godfree and began stabbing Kirito. Asuna rushed in and saved him but didn’t finish off Kuradeel. He launched an attack at Asuna, but Kirito jumped in and sacrificed his arm to protect her. He then killed Kuradeel who called him a murderer. Asuna cried and told Kirito she doesn’t want to bother him again. He pulled her closer, kissed her, and said that his life belongs to her.

Leafa and Kirito – Season 1, Episode 23

After finding out that she’s in love with his cousin in real life as well as in the game, Leafa challenged Kirito to a duel. Leafa set off to attack Kirito but dropped her sword while in midair, deciding to let him kill her. She was crying, and Kirito caught her, dropping his sword as well. They were then apologizing and hugging one another while dancing in the air.

Asuna and Kirito – Season 1, Episode 24

After finally getting rid of Oberon, Kirito broke Asuna’s chains and held her in his arms. She told him that she believes in him because he is her hero. Kirito cried and told her that he will do his best. He also promised that he will visit her in hospital.

Asuna and Kirito – Season 1, Episode 25

In the beginning of the last episode of season 1, Kirito was attacked by Sugou in front of the hospital where Asuna was staying. Kirito was stabbed but managed to defeat him and rush inside the hospital. Asuna was awake and waiting for him. They hugged and kissed each other for the first time in the real world.

Sinon and Kirito – Season 2, Episode 11

Hiding in a cave and planning their next-step actions, Kirito and Sinon finally discover the truth behind the Death Gun’s murders. Kirito tried calming Sinon by hugging her. While they were all over one another, a drone with live-stream camera entered the cave and began recording them. Sinon teased Kirito by asking him if he has someone at home who shouldn’t be watching the situation. Kirito you dog… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)