5. Sinon


Sinon retrieving Excaliber.

Sinon, one of the newly introduced characters in the Phantom Bullet Arc, is one of most skilled ranged players. She was defeated by Kirito, however, it’s clear that her emotions got in the way as she cannot seem to control her feelings around him. She is beyond accurate with a ranged weapon. This was proven when she and Kirito were fighting Death Gun in Gun Gale Online and also in ALfheim Online when she used her bow to retrieve Kirito’s Excaliber sword. She made a name for herself in GGO. Sinon deserves to be called a strong character because of her superb ranged combat skills and also because she managed to overcome her childhood drama.

4. General Eugene


General Eugene getting ready to fight Kirito.

General Eugene, the wielder of the Demonic Sword Gram, is one of the strongest ALfheim Online players. This is due in part to his weapon that comes with the Ethereal Shift skill. This ability allows the blade to pass through shields or other defensive items to reach its target. Kirito had to use his Dual Blades skill to defeat General Eugene and this makes him a worthy opponent.

3. Asuna


Asuna dueling Yuki.

As of Mother’s Rosario Arc, Asuna is one of the most talented swordswomen in ALfheim Online. She is the only player that met Yuki’s requirements. Asuna proved her sword skills when she forced Yuki to use the Eleven-Strikes skill against her. Yuki refrained from striking the final blow because her purpose was not to score wins but to find someone strong enough to help the Sleeping Knights with a never achieved before feat. In the battle that earned them a mark on the Monument of Swordsmen, Asuna demonstrated not just amazing swordsmanship but also tactical awareness when she figured out how to defeat the boss. On her deathbed, Yuki passed the Eleven-Strike skill to Asuna. Forcing an undefeated opponent to use her best skill, taking out a raid boss with one party, and being in possession of the Eleven-Strike skill, make Asuna one pro ALO player.

2. Yuki


Yuki getting ready to fight Asuna.

Yuki is one of the main characters of the Mother’s Rosario Arc in SAO 2. She defeated 67 ALfheim Online players, including Kirito, and she is the creator and sole user of the Eleven-Strikes Original Sword Skill. Although it’s not clearly mentioned, it’s hinted that Kirito held back while fighting Yuki because he sensed that for her this is more than just a game. However, this doesn’t mean that he gave up or didn’t give her a fair fight. He could have defeated her by unleashing the skills he previously used in life-and-death situations. The fact that she remained undefeated by other players and that Kirito would have needed to go all “fight like your life is depending on it” on her, make Yuki one of most skilled sword users.

1. Heathcliff


Heathcliff as guild leader.

Heathcliff, the mastermind behind Sword Art Online, the designer of the Nerve Gear device, the Medicuboid, the World Seed, and the Cardinal system, is one of the SAO players and also the final boss. He possesses a brilliant mind and is, without a doubt, a genius who has little regard for human life and lacks empathy. Kayaba Akihiko, by his real name, is pretty much the guy who runs the Sword Art Online show. He is powerful because that’s how he designed his SAO avatar. His unique weapon set, the Liberator, gives him the Holy Sword skill that makes him almost invincible as he can switch between offense and defense at any time. He normally cannot be reduced to 0 HP, however, he cancels that before fighting Kirito proving that there’s honor behind his words. In the end, it was Kirito’s willpower, not swordsmanship, that defeated Heathcliff and this makes Kayaba the best sword fighter in Aincrad.