It’s no secret that SAO became quickly one of the most popular anime ever. According to MyAnimeList, a platform used by anime fans all over the world, SAO is the 3rd most popular anime, having over 1 million fans.

Top 3 most popular anime on MAL.

Since a lot of fans use this platform to manage their anime and characters, I decided to use it as a source for this top. I searched myself through the list of all favourite characters ever to find the top 5 SAO ones and bring it to you!

So without further ado, let’s get started with the top!


5. Konno Yuuki

Even though Yuuki wasn’t in the show for as long as other characters, she managed to steal the hearts of many fans in a lot of episodes. Strong and brave, she faced everything in life with a smile. The name “Yuuki”, meaning “courage”, really suits her!

Konno Yuuki’s stats on MAL (20/10/2017)


4. Yui

It’s no surprise that Yui is in the top 5 characters. Adorable and kind, she can win your heart and make you smile easily. She may be small, but she’s strong and useful, and is always there to help her “mommy” and “daddy”, Asuna and Kirito.

Yui’s stats on MAL (20/10/2017)


3. Asada “Sinon” Shino

When she first made her appearance in GGO she charmed everyone with her coolness. She’s stronger and braver than she thinks she is and all the love from the fans shows that they all think so too! Her desire to be stronger and be able to stand on her own feet can inspire us all. Some people just want to be like her, or they feel the same way as she does, so it’s no surprise she has a lot of fans!

Asada Shino’s stats on MAL (20/10/2017)


2. Yuuki Asuna

It’s no surprise that our main heroine is on the second place. Even if in the total top of anime characters she has the 36th place, when it comes to female characters she’s on the 9th place! To have such a high spot over ALL the anime characters says something. Loving, caring, kind and brave, she has a lot of qualities that people love! She has a soft heart, but she’s fierce in battle, and in every game she plays she makes a name for herself. She indeed has all the qualities to be the main heroine!

Yuuki Asuna’s stats on MAL (20/10/2017)


1. Kirigaya “Kirito” Kazuto

No surprise that our hero is the top character on this list. Not only that he’s the top character of SAO, but he stands on the 11th place of most loved of all anime characters! His brave and caring nature won the hearts of many, in and outside the anime! He fights with everything he has to protect the ones important to him even when he is afraid, don’t we all want to have someone like that by our side? He follows his own path but also wants to help a lot of people along the way, that is truly inspiring. It’s no wonder that so many people love him!

Kirigaya Kazuto’s stats on MAL (20/10/2017)