Top 5 Kirito x Asuna Moments

Sword Art Online Kirito and Asuna make an adorable, lovey-dovey couple and they have a lot of touching and romantic moments, I tried to pick 5 that seemed the most significant to me.


5. Stargazing scene

This scene happened at the end of the movie, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. It is revealed at the beginning of the movie that they promised to watch starts together back when they were still trapped in Aincrad. This is also the moment when practically they get engaged in real life, congratulations to them!


4. Their first kiss

First kisses are always exciting. Kirito and Asuna’s kiss was a kiss full of meaning, a kiss full of love, a kiss meaning thank you, a kiss of comfort. They had their first kiss after Asuna saves Kirito’s life and while Asuna was crying out of the fear of losing him, he comforts her with a kiss. If that isn’t a first kiss to remember, then I don’t know what it is.


3. Asuna’s sacrifice

Jumping in front of a bullet for your loved one has always been a cliché, jumping in front of a sword takes it to another level. In the last moment Asuna decided to sacrifice her life in order to save Kirito’s. She didn’t want to see her beloved die in front of her. Kirito had to suffer seeing HIS beloved die in his arms though. In the end, he didn’t want to let her sacrifice be in vain, so with his last bit of strength he killed Heathcliff using Asuna’s sword.


2. Their “farewell” scene

Following their “death” in SAO, they obviously believed that their real bodies have died too. Because of this, they had to say their last goodbyes to each other. A scene filled with a lot of tears, regrets, forgiveness and love, it is one of their most romantic scenes together.


1. Their first “real” meeting

Sure, they have a lot of cute scenes in the virtual world, but nothing can compare to meeting your beloved one in real life. When you first get to see, hear and touch them for real is a very emotional experience. It’s that moment when all of your dreams come true. That’s how they felt too. The fight was over and they could finally be together for real. That’s why I think this scene deserves the number one spot.


What was your best KiritoxAsuna Moment?? Comment below!!