Top 5 Hot Moments in Sword Art Online


Asuna in underwear!
Crimson Killing Intent – Season 1, Episode 10

After defeating Kuradeel, Asuna and Kirito proceeded to her house on the 61st floor where Asuna cooked a dinner. Once the dinner was eaten, Asuna stood up, turned off the lights, and removed her clothes. It seems that she misunderstood Kirito when he said that he wanted to spend the night with her. When she was done, she asked Kirito to do the same, and he explained that he just wanted to spend time with her. What do you think of Kirito’s reaction?

Suguha in action!
To the World Tree – Season 1, Episode 18

After meeting with her bestie in real life, Suguha went home and slowly undressed and talked to herself while amusing us with her looks. It’s at this point that she realized she not only likes Kirito in real life but also in the game, as she was blushing while thinking about him. She then logged into the ALO world.

Asuna again! This time completely naked!
Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale Movie

In the Ordinal Scale movie, we can see that Asuna has matured in the right places. Soon after meeting with Kirito and Yui in their house in the new ALO, Asuna decided to take a bath. While surfing the web on her phone, she received a message from Klein explaining the location of the next boss appearance. She decided to take off in order to participate in the fight and revealed her best body parts while getting out of the bathtub.

Sinon in underwear!
Guns and Swords – Season 2, Episode 5

Before starting the Bullet of Bullets Tournament, Sinon and Kirito decided to gear up together. Sinon revealed her clothes and asked Kirito to do the same. He seemed shocked, so she checked his account and found out he’s a male. He tried apologizing; however, It didn’t work. A good slap in the face from Sinon was needed to make a sufficient punishment.

Flirty Alicia Rue and Sakuya!
General of the Blazing Flame – Season 1, Episode 20

After saving the secret Cait Sith and Undine meeting from the Salamanders’ general Eugene, Kirito is approached by Sakuya and Alicia Rue. They were both openly flirting with him and showing off their strongest assets.