Let’s face it, SAO is a show full of emotions – death, betrayal, confessions, fights, meetings. From all the moments, I picked 5 of the few of these moments as my top.


5. Asuna’s talk with her mom

Even is Kyouko (Asuna’s mom) seems cold as ice, Asuna finally managed to break that ice and get her thoughts to her mother. I’m sure everyone had fights and disagreements with their parents, especially in their teenage years, but the way these are solved is what creates a new, stronger bond. This is what happened between these two. Kyouko showed that she does have feelings, even if she is good at hiding them. But sometimes, you just can’t anymore.

However to me the most touching thing about this scene are the words and feelings of Asuna’s grandpa. He wanted to always give his daughter a place to come back to, no matter where she goes or what happens. This shows how deeps a parent’s love can run.


4. Asuna and Kirito’s “final moments”

Or what they thought to be their final moments. Luckily for everyone, our heroes have been rewarded for clearing the game and were allowed to live. They didn’t know at the time of this moment though. Kirito expresses his regrets for not being able to keep his promise, but Asuna kindly forgives him and reassures him about it. Their confessions and interactions in these scene show so much love it’s hard to not feel emotional. And their expressions are priceless.


3. Yui’s dissapearance

As if the discovery of Yui’s real identity wasn’t shocking enough, she has to disappear in the few moments after! It was a heartbreaking moment, a moment of a family being thorn apart without their will. They shed a lot of tears and so did we when we watched this scene. Asuna’s cries pierce right through your hear.


2. Suguha’s confession

This was a big hit for both Kirito and Suguha. When Sugu realised that she had feelings for the same person again she couldn’t hold it in anymore. She cried and spilled everything she had bottled up inside for years. The strenght of her words and feelings left Kirito speechless. and made him realise all the mistakes he has made in the past years.


1. Yuuki’s death

Face it, I’m sure everyone expected this as the number one spot. Not only that this was the most emotional scene in the entire anime, but it’s also the most emotional arc. Through the episodes we tried to prepare ourselves for this moment, but when it came I’m sure most people burst into tears. Everyone that came to bid her farewell just showed how much love and respect everyone had for her. All of her Yuuki’s life was just a battle. She never knew why she even keeps fighting. But seeing everyone around her like this made her realise why she fought for so long and that she had a role in this big world. Asuna was the one that made sure this happens. This shows how much she cared for her. The mark Yuuki carved in her heart will stay there forever. Same for all the people that were around her. She lived up to her name, “Yuuki”, meaning “courage”. She inspired many, and we shall never forget her.

Rest in peace, ALO’s greatest swordsman.