SAO has some amazing visuals and character designs. Even though all characters have great designs, I tried to pick the most interesting ones. I hope you like this list!


5. Konno Yuuki

Yuuki is a character that remains in your heart. Her design is one fit for the best swordsman ever! It looks badass, but also stylish. She looks a bit tomboyish, which fits with her character, considering that she talks about herself with “boku”, which is a pronoun used by males.


4. Leafa

Suguha’s ALO avatar is just way too cute! her outfit is stylish and the flower in her hair adds more cuteness and a better “fairy” look. Bonus points that her avatar looks very different from how she looks like in real life.


3. Titania

Even though there are no good memories about this avatar, we have to admit that the design is gorgeous and fits very well for a Fairy Queen.


2. Sinon

Sinon’s looks are way too cool! The outfit is simply badass and the character has a nice combination of colors. It’s a perfect combination of badass and cute!


1. Yuna

Yuuna’s design is absolutely beautiful. It is eye-catching, so it fits her diva role. Her hairstyle is very cute and the colour combination is very harmonious. Her design is very unique and I think it deserves the first spot.