10. Mate Chopper


Poh getting ready to PK.

The most disconcerting thing about this weapon is not necessarily its power but the personality of its user. Poh, Vassago Casals by his real name, is the leader of the Laughing Coffin guild and the one who initiated the first cases of player killing. The Mate Chopper is a large cleaver with an ornamented handle. In the hands of someone who fights to kill, the Mate Chopper is one of the most dangerous SAO weapons.

9. Karakurenai


Klein fighting monsters.

This is the curved katana sword used by Klein. He is the leader of the Fuurinkazan guild, and, together with his guild mates, Klein assisted Kirito on many occasions including the raid on the Laughing Coffin guild. Klein uses the Karakurenai to distract The Gleam Eyes so Kirito can equip Dark Repulser and activate Dual Blades.

8. Lambent Light


Asuna overpowering Kuradeel.

This is a sword used by Asuna on higher level floors. It is a rapier with a green handle. As Asuna mentions, Lambent Light is a sword that relies on its user’s speed. Even though is a one-handed sword, it’s not meant to be used with a shield because it would slow the wielder.

7. PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II


Sinon receives her quest reward.

This is Sinon’s sniper rifle. She acquired it as a quest reward after defeating a boss in the beginning of the Phantom Bullet Arc. Hecate, as Sinon calls it, was used in many fights including the one against Death Gun. This weapon fires powerful bullets that can destroy other weapons as it was seen when Sinon destroyed Death Gun’s rifle.

6. Estoc


Death Gun attacking Kirito.

There’s something about former SAO players and their fondness of swords. The estoc is a blade used by Sterben/Death Gun in GGO. It is crafted from star ship metal and it’s extremely durable. Although it has a thin blade it can sustain laser strikes from Kirito’s Kagemitsu G4.

5. Kagemitsu G4


Kirito tries his new weapon.

This photon sword also called laser or beam sword is Kirito’s weapon in Gun Gale Online. It was bought from the weapons store for 150,000 credits. The beam is powerful enough to stop and deflect bullets. Kagemitsu G4 has a dark gray handle and a purple beam.

4. Demonic Sword Gram


General Eugene before the duel against Kirito.

This is the weapon used by General Eugene. This heavy sword can only be used by someone who trained their two-handed weapons skill. The Demonic Sword Gram has its own skill called Ethereal Shift that allows the weapon to pass through virtually anything. The only battle lost by General Eugene was the one against Kirito.

3. Holy Sword Excaliber


Kirito receiving the sword from Sinon.

This weapon is featured in both Sword Art Online seasons. In the first season, it is the sword used by Oberon in the fight against Kirito. In the second season, it is received by Kirito as a quest reward. Holy Sword Excaliber is said to be the most powerful weapon in New Aincrad. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Excaliber in action as the next Arc shifts the attention away from Kirito.

2. Elucidator and Dark Repulser


Kirito drawing his blades.

Another set whose strength is given by a unique skill. These two swords are used by Kirito in Sword Art Online to perform his Dual Blades skill. The Elucidator is one of the best in-game swords looted from the boss on floor 50. Dark Repulser was crafted by Lisbeth from a material that is dropped by a dragon. Elucidator is a black one-handed sword while Dark Repulser is light green.

1. Liberator


Heathcliff attacking Kirito.

Liberator is a sword and shield set used by Kayaba Akihiko’s SAO character. Together with Heathcliff’s unique skill, “Holy Sword”, this set is perhaps the most powerful weapon in Aincrad. Heathcliff fights with the one-handed sword and the shield alternating between offense and defense. Both the sword and the shield are used to damage opponents. The shield is so strong that it can shatter swords as it was seen in the final battle when Heathcliff used it to break Kirito’s Dark Repulser.