10. GE M134 Minigun


Behemoth fighting Sinon.

This machine gun is used by Behemoth in Gun Gale Online. The gun is extremely heavy and prevents the user from moving at speed. Thanks to this weapon, Behemoth was able to defeat the better part of Dyne’s group. The minigun relies on the strength attribute.

9. Accuracy International L115A3


Death Gun is spotted by Sinon.

Death Gun’s weapon that he uses to shoot paralyzing bullets. It’s the weapon used in Bullet of Bullets to stun Pale Rider and Sinon. Death Gun uses this sniper rifle with a silencer. The gun was destroyed by Sinon’s Hecate. From its damaged parts, Death Gun pulled out the estoc.

8. Lightning Hammer Mjolnir


Klein gets Mjolnir from Thor.

Klein received this weapon from Thor as a recompense for completing a side quest. Despite the group’s general belief that the quest is a trap, Klein decides to take it and it actually turns out to be the right decision as Thor proves to be a powerful ally and a generous god. Strength is needed to wield the hammer.

7. Crest of Yggdrasil


Asuna uses Crest of Yggdrasil for healing.

This is Asuna’s healing and support wand. Throughout SAO 2, Asuna is seen using this wand while on healer duty and also to break players’ stealth. Her other weapon, an unnamed rapier, is used for duels. It seems that the wand is not mandatory for spell casting as Asuna casts a cold resistance spell with her hands only.

6. Blue Longsword


Kirito’s blue sword used for the Connected Skill.

Kirito uses two longswords in ALfheim Online (during the Calibur Arc before retrieving Excaliber) and both of them don’t bear any name. Although longswords are normally two-handed, in ALO they are regarded as one-handed weapons. Most of the times, Kirito is using just one longsword, the black one. The blue one is used to perform the Connected Skill that allows him to fight with two weapons for a short period of time.

5. Type 54 Black Star


Death Gun getting ready to shoot Sinon.

This pistol is used by Death Gun to take out immobilized players. It’s also the same type as the gun that gave Sinon her trauma. She freezes in panic when she sees the pistol in Death Gun’s hands. It is later revealed that Kyouji Shinkawa chose the Black Star for Death Gun as some sort of sick tribute to Sinon.

4. Estoc


Death Gun wielding the estoc.

For the final confrontation, Death Gun uses an estoc. The weapon is crafted from starship metal and it’s extremely durable. When Death Gun pulls the estoc, Asuna realizes that he is a former Laughing Coffin member. The estoc proves to be a magnificent weapon that not even Kirito’s photon sword can destroy.

3. Holy Sword Excaliber


Holy Sword Excaliber on its plinth.

There is a three episodes Arc dedicated to this sword. The team goes on a quest to help Kirito get Excaliber and they end up preventing an event that could have erased all ALO’s content. Kirito obtains the sword after defeating the ice giant boss. The sword is too heavy for Kirito and he has to leave it behind so he can jump on Tonkii’s back to escape the crumbling fortress. Sinon retrieves the sword and the Queen of the Lake lessens its weight so Kirito can use it.

2. PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II


Sinon as she receives the Hecate sniper rifle.

Mostly referred as Hecate, this is Sinon’s weapon in Gun Gale Online. It’s a sniper rifle with great accuracy. Sinon obtained the weapon as a reward for killing a dungeon boss. Hecate quickly became Sinon’s favorite weapon. She relies on it not only to dispose of enemies but also to give her strength. Hecate is the weapon used in the Bullet of Bullets tournament. Sinon destroyed Death Gun’s sniper rifle with her Hecate.

1. Kagemitsu G4


Kagemitsu G4 on store display.

Only a doofus would use a sword in a gun themed game and that doofus is Kirito, as Asuna jokingly mentions while watching Bullet of Bullets with the rest of the gang. Kagemitsu G4 is a photon sword bought by Kirito with the money won from the shooting arcade mini-game. Although Sinon expertly recommends firearms, he is more comfortable with a blade so he goes for this laser sword.