10. Ebon Dagger


Kirito giving Silica some equipment, including the Ebon Dagger.

The Ebon Dagger is Silica’s weapon in Aincrad. She received it from Kirito after he rescued her from the Drunken Apes mobs who picked on her in the Forest of Wandering and killed her pet, Pina. Kirito gave Silica some equipment so she could resurrect Pina.

9. Karakurenai


Klein and his Karakurenai.

Karakurenai is the weapon wielded by Klein in Sword Art Online. He was the leader and one of the founding members of Fuurinkazan, a clearing guild in Aincrad. The extra skill associated with this sword is Katana and it’s acquired by completing the one-handed curved swords training.

8. Tyrant Dragon


Kuradeel and his heavily ornamented Tyrant Dragon.

Tyrant Dragon is Kuradeel’s sword. He was Asuna’s guardian in Aincrad and a secret member of the Laughing Coffin guild. His sword, although extremely heavy, lacks durability so it was an easy task for Kirito to break it with his Arms Blast skill.

7. Demonic Sword Gram


General Eugene before the duel against Kirito.

Demonic Sword Gram belongs to one of the most powerful ALfheim Online players. It is used by General Eugene, the leader of the Salamander army. The unique skill associated with this sword is Ethereal Strike that allows the heavy two-handed sword to pass through defensive items like shields or other swords to strike the target.

6. Anneal Blade


Kirito attacking the first floor’s boss with the Anneal Blade.

Anneal Blade is one of the weapons wielded by Kirito in Aincrad. It was the sword used to defeat the boss on the first floor. It supports up to level eight enhancement and it is obtained from a quest.

5. Lambent Light


Asuna before the final Sword Art Online battle.

Lambent Light is another rapier used by Asuna in Aincrad. It is crafted by Lisbeth. The skill used to forge the Lambent Light has a three months cooldown. This is the weapon that was used by Kirito to strike the killing blow on Heathcliff.

4. Liberator


Heathcliff preparing for the final battle.

The Liberator used by Kayaba Akihiko aka Heathcliff in Aincrad is a one-handed sword and a kite shield set. This set comes with the unique skill Holy Sword that allows Heathcliff to alternate between defensive and offensive play styles. No one but Heathcliff had ever used this weapon set and skill.

3. Greatsword and Longsword


Kirito’s greatsword in the Fairy Dance Arc.

These are the two swords used by Kirito in ALfheim Online. The first one, an iron greatsword, is used by Kirito in the Fairy Dance Arc. The sword was bought from an NPC and there’s nothing special about it. Kirito proved that it’s the user’s mastery that makes the difference when he used this sword to defeat General Eugene and his Demonic Sword Gram. After the Fairy Dance arc, Kirito switched to a longsword crafted by Lisbeth.

2. Wind Fleuret


Asuna fighting against the first floor’s boss.

The Wind Fleuret is Asuna’s favorite sword. It’s a rapier with a green handle and guard. The sword was used only on lower levels as it wasn’t that powerful, however, it’s very popular among SAO enthusiasts. At fans’ request, a Wind Fleuret replica was built by Man At Arms, a team of blacksmiths who forge weapons based on fictional items.

1. Elucidator and Dark Repulser


Kirito dual wielding Elucidator and Dark Repulser.

These are the swords used by Kirito to perform his unique Dual Blades skill. The swords were used in the battle against Heathcliff. The Elucidator can only be obtained by defeating the 50th floor boss. Lisbeth used her blacksmith skills to apply a +45 enhancement to it. She is also the one who, at Kirito’s request, forged the Dark Repulser from a Crystallite Ingot, an item obtained as a quest reward. Dark Repulser broke into pieces when it came in contact with Heathcliff’s shield during the final Sword Art Online confrontation.