Top Sexy SAO Sinon hot moments 


World of Guns – Season 2, Episode 1, 21:10 – 21:20

Sinon is a reserved girl that doesn’t open herself easily. Nevertheless, she doesn’t have any problems making a sexy appearance. It all begins with the first episode of Sword Art Online season 2 where Sinon is first seen ambushing a group of soldiers with her sniper rifle.

Guns and Swords – Season 2, Episode 5, 06:30 – 07:40

Before starting the Bullet of Bullets Tournament, Sinon and Kirito decided to gear up together. Sinon revealed her clothes and asked Kirito to do the same. He seemed shocked so she checked his account and found out he’s a male. He tried apologizing, however, It didn’t work. A good slap in the face from Sinon was needed to make a sufficient punishment.

What can we learn from this? Not to be perverts… Just joking, the lesson is not to get caught!

The Meaning of Strength – Season 2, Episode 11, 05:05

Yet another moment when Sinon’s butt is nicely displayed. This happened after her and Kirito spent the night in a cave during the BoB tournament. During this time, Sinon and Kirito connected on a deeper level, which made many fans of the series angry. Why? Because it kind of felt like Asuna got friend-zoned! And Asuna certainly deserves better than that!

On the scale from 1 – 10, how sexy do you find Sinon?