Top Suguha Leafa Hot and Sexy Moments


To the World Tree – Season 1, Episode 18, 04:20 – 04:40

After meeting with her bestie in real life, Suguha went home and slowly undressed and talked to herself while amusing us with her looks. It’s at this point that she realized she not only likes Kirito in real life but also in the game, as she was blushing while thinking about him. She then logged into the ALO world.

How do you like Suguha in her underwear? Can she compete with Asuna?

Here’s a close-up for a better view to help you decide!

To the World Tree – Season 1, Episode 18, 18:10 – 18:55

This episode is filled with sexy Suguha moments! During her time with Kirito in ALO, they decided to take a short break and relax before playing again. Suguha took a long and revealing bath at their home and tried to understand her feelings for Kirito.

General of the Blazing Flame – Season 1, Episode 20, 08:25 – 08:35

While the Sylph and Cait Sith were running a secret meeting, they were ambushed by the Salamanders and their general Eugene. Soon after he engaged in a fight with Kirito, a smokescreen was released by Kirito. The smoke caused a huge shockwave, causing Leafa’s dress to jump and reveal her buttocks. However, doesn’t it look like she’s doing it on purpose?

Literally every episode of Fairy Dance Arc…

Suguha Kirigaya appears as Leafa-chan during the Fairy Dance Arc. She plays as an Undine and gives off specials-sexy vibes due to her strong will as well as her character design. She has long golden hair, green-white tunic, green eyes, and a set of large breasts. On top of that, she also wears a choker!