10. Cream Dispenser


Flavoring cream.

In episode 2, Kirito is seen using some flavoring cream to make plain bread buns tastier. This may not be the kind of item worth PKing or robbing, especially that it is easily obtained from a quest on the first floor, but judging by how fast Asuna ate that cream-topped bun, the Cream Dispenser must be a great item for a poor player trapped in a VR MMO.

9. Crystals and Potions


Kirito and Asuna using teleport crystals.

Throughout the series, we see players using crystals and potions. Crystals are items used for various purposes such as teleportation, taking pictures, message recording, healing, and such. Potions are consumables that restore health and remove debuffs. Players prefer to use potions as they are much cheaper and more common than crystals.

8. Ring of Agility


A rare +20 agility ring.

This is a +20 agility item obtained by the Golden Apple guild after defeating a rare monster. The guild decided to sell the ring for profit so Griselda, the guild leader, went off to auction it. She was murdered while she was away. The case was investigated by Kirito and Asuna.

7. Crystallite Ingot


Lisbeth and Kirito obtain the Crystallite Ingot.

This rare crafting material is actually not that hard to obtain. It’s the material from which Kirito’s Dark Repulser sword was forged. Lisbeth and Kirito are shocked (and a bit disgusted) to find out that a Crystallite Ingot is nothing more than white dragon excrement.

6. Coat of Midnight


Kirito puts on the Coat of Midnight.

Kirito obtained this piece of clothing after defeating Illfang the Kobold Lord and scoring the last attack bonus. He accepts being branded as a “beater” and puts on the cloak that will become his signature style. Throughout Sword Art Online, Kirito equips different black coats.

5. Mirage Sphere


A device that shows an interactive 3D map.

This item shows a 3D hologram of Aincrad. Kirito used this device at the inn to show Silica where they need to go to retrieve the Pneuma Flower. The 3D map supports re-sizing and zooming. Silica marvels at the sight of the Mirage Sphere as she is not familiar with it.

4. Pneuma Flower


An item that can restore life to a dead pet.

An item that can bring a pet back to life. Kirito decides to accompany a frightened and sad Silica to floor 47 to acquire the item that will bring back Pina, her familiar. A few monsters that are no match for Kirito’s swordsmanship must be defeated in order to get near the flower. This item must be valuable as Rosalia and members of the Titan’s Hand guild try to rob the flower from them.

3. Metamaterial Optical Camouflage


Death Gun using the Metamaterial Optical Camouflage cloak in Gun Gale Online.

This extremely expensive cloak allows a player to disappear from sight and to move around undetected. The mantle hides the wearer even from the BoB tracking system. Shinkawa Shouichi bought the cloak from the real money trade system. It is the item used by Death Gun in Gun Gale Online to sneak on players while they were registering for the Bullet of Bullets tournament and to obtain their real-life information. The cloak is also used during the tournament.

2. Divine Stone of Returning Soul


The Divine Stone of Returning Soul can bring back a dead player if used within 10 seconds.

This ultra rare item has the power to prevent a Sword Art Online player from dying in real life if used within 10 seconds of player’s in-game death. The item is as valuable as it is rare. The only way to obtain it is to defeat the seasonal boss Nicholas the Renegade that spawns during the Christmas event. Kirito obtains the item but it was too late to use it so he gives it to Klein.

1. World Seed


Kirito receiving the World Seed.

The kit for creating immersive VR worlds is entrusted to Kirito by Akihiko Kayaba at the end of the Fairy Dance Arc. It has all the software needed to generate virtual worlds and to program full dive devices. The Seed can now be freely accessed by anyone as it was made public.