5.The Bar


Players watching the MMO Stream show.

This is where the SAO 2 opening scene takes place. Watchers get a glimpse of the Phantom Bullet Arc setting and get to meet the villain, Death Gun. In this bar, Death Gun/Sterben/Red-Eyed XaXa makes his first victim and introduces himself to the player base. Players are interrupted from watching the MMO Stream show when Death Gun shoots at a XeXeeD’s image on the viewing screen. Little do they know that XeXeeD actually dies in real life and that’s only the beginning of a series of murders.

4. SBC Glocken


SBC Glocken – The main GGO city.

Even though a significant part of the Phantom Bullet Arc takes place in the Gun Gale Online world, not much is revealed about it. It is a desolate place that resembles a post-apocalyptic world. The only shown city, that also appears to be the capital, is SBC Glocken. It used to be a space ship that it is now transformed into the main game hub. Kirito spawns here when he enters GGO for the first time, meaning that SBC Glocken is the starting area for new players. Underneath the city, a dungeon can be found. The quest associated with this dungeon rewards players with PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II or Hecate for short. Sinon got her weapon from this dungeon. Notable locations in SBC Glocken are the Governor’s Office where players sign up for the BoB tournament, gun shops, firing ranges, and arcade venues.

3. Gun Shop and the Arcade Venue


The gun store where Kirito gets his GGO equipment.

A freshly spawned, wandering Kirito meets Sinon who mistakes him for a girl and offers to take him to the market so he can get some starting gear. At the store, Kirito realizes that he doesn’t have enough money so he asks Sinon to show him a place where a newbie can earn some quick cash. She takes him to a mini-game area where Kirito amazes everyone with his dodging and anticipation skills when he wins the Untouchable! arcade-shooting game. Once he has enough money, they go back to the store where Kirito spends 150,000 credits on Kagemitsu G4, a light saber. He also buys a handgun, the FN Five-Seven pistol.

2. Bullet of Bullets Lobby


Players in the BoB lobby.

The lobby has changing rooms for tournament participants, refreshments area, and lots of screens on which other GGO players watch the matches. Participants also hang out in the lobby until it’s their turn to fight. Sinon finds out that Kirito is actually a boy while they were changing for the tournament. He then follows her around the lobby and finally persuades her to have a drink and tell him more about the tournament. Kirito encounters Death Gun for the first time in the lobby.

1. Bullet of Bullets Battlefield


Sinon checking the BoB map.

The tournament is held in an instanced area. The preliminary matches are 1 on 1 duels that take place in randomly generated locations. The finale is a battle royale scenario played on a map whose diameter measures 10 km. The map features multiple locations. On the bridge, Kirito witnesses Death Gun taking out Pale Rider. Fighting also takes place in an abandoned city, in a desert, and in a forest. Sinon and Kirito hide in a cave for a while. The battlefield is surveyed by tracking drones who update participants’ maps. Viewers are able to follow BoB events thanks to broadcasting drones.