5. Floor 47


Silica and Kirito on their way to retrieve the pet resurrection item.

This floor resembles one giant flower garden. The multitude and variety of flowerbeds and green patches make up for some breathtaking vistas. The Hill of Memories is a field dungeon from where Kirito and Silica obtain the items needed to resurrect Pina. The two are ambushed by Rosalia and members of the Titan’s Hand, who try to take the resurrection item from them. The perpetrators prove to be no match for Kirito who forces them to surrender and throws them in jail. Floria, a flower themed city, is the main settlement on this floor and it’s a popular location for love-birds.

4. Floor 35


Kirito saves Silica in the Forest of Wandering.

Most SAO fans remember this floor because of The Forest of Wandering, also known as the Lost Forest. This is where the Christmas boss spawns and also where Kirito first met Silica. The Forest is actually an outside dungeon that prevents players from using teleportation. The only way to get out is to clear it before the timer expires. On December 25th, Nicholas the Renegade spawns in the Forest. This boss drops a very rare and valuable item that can bring back a dead player if used within 10 seconds of their death. Nicholas was one of the most difficult Sword Art Online encounters for Kirito. The Forest is also the place where Kirito met Silica while she was under attack. He rescued and escorted her to Mishe, the main settlement on this floor. In this town’s inn, Kirito had an encounter with Rosalia.

3. Floor 22


Asuna and Kirito watching the view from the porch of their forest house.

This is probably the most tranquil floors in all Aincrad. With 9 km in diameter, it is pretty big as well. At its center, lies an enormous lake whose diameter is about one-tenth of the entire floor. Lush forests, peaceful green plains, a multitude of smaller lakes, and a few charming villages are found on Floor 22. There are no notable monsters living here and even the floor boss was easily defeated in just three days. The main settlement is a small village called Coral. But floor 22 is mainly known for Kirito and Asuna’s log cabin. This is where the couple spent a few blissful weeks together with Yui before returning to boss clearing. Kirito and Asuna had to defeat the Witch of the West to complete the quest that allowed them to buy the forest house.

2. Floor 75


Kirito and Heathcliff prepare to duel in the Collinia Arena.

This is the last explored Aincrad floor. It’s the floor where Kirito revealed his Dual Blades skill while fighting to protect members of the Aincrad Liberation Force. The floor boss, The Skull Reaper, is one of the most challenging Sword Art Online bosses. It was eventually defeated but with many casualties. After the fight against The Skull Reaper, Kirito realized who Heathcliff really was and the final battle ensued. Collinia (Corinea) is the main city on Floor 75. It has an Ancient Roman theme and it’s a popular destination for high level players. SAO players never got to discover Floor 76 and above as Kirito defeated Kayaba Akihiko and ended the game.

1. The first floor


All SAO players a few moments before Kayaba’s announcement.

It’s the largest, about 10 km in diameter, and it’s the spawning point for Sword Art Online players. The main city, Town of Beginnings, is the biggest settlement in all Aincrad. This is where, shortly after the launch, Kayaba Akihiko summoned all players and made the terrible announcement. Town of Beginnings is swarming with NPCs. The Aincrad Liberation Force headquarters are found here and also the Monument of Life. Beneath the town is the Hidden Dungeon that is home to The Fatal Scythe. This boss gave Asuna and Kirito quite some trouble and it was Yui who eventually saved the day. Horunka, the closest village to the Town of Beginnings, is the starting place for the quest that rewards the Anneal Blade. The first floor boss is Illfang the Kobold Lord. During this battle, it was the first time when Asuna and Kirito fought together and the first time for Asuna fighting in a team. Kirito received his iconic Coat of Midnight as last attack bonus reward.