5. Monument of Swordsmen


Asuna and The Sleeping Knights taking a picture in front on the Monument of Swordsmen.

Monument of Swordsmen is a memorial bearing the names of ALfheim Online players that have achieved a world-first kill on a floor boss. The desire to have their names engraved on the Monument is what brought The Sleeping Knights and Asuna together. Asuna’s friendship with Yuuki extends outside the borders of the virtual world and changes their lives. Thanks to Yuuki, Asuna learns that she has to fight for what she wants and so she finds the courage to confront her mother. Yuuki goes on amazing adventures with the gang in ALO, but also in real life by using Kirito’s communication probe. Asuna comforts Yuuki in her final moments and makes her passing a bit more peaceful.

4. Jotunheimr


The gang arrives in Jotunheimr.

This is the setting for Sword Art Online 2 Calibur Arc. Kirito and the gang learn that the Holy Sword Excaliber reappeared as a quest reward so they head to Jotunheimr to retrieve it. They eventually find out that the quest is nothing more than a hoax to trick players into killing native Jotunheimr creatures paving the way for the Ice Giants invasion. Yui explains that this event could ultimately lead to the destruction of the entire game world. The quest generating system is based on Norse mythology and, if the event moves forward, it would inevitably trigger Ragnarok, thus deleting all game files. The team manages to stop the event by defeating the Ice Giants leader, Thrymr. Klein gets Thor’s Hammer from a side quest and Kirito receives the Holy Sword Excaliber from the Queen of the Lake.

3. Log Cabin on Floor 22


A quiet evening at the forest house.

The log cabin or the forest house is a player owned home bought by Kirito and Asuna in Sword Art Online and later in ALfheim Online. The cozy cabin log became the gang’s usual spot where they would hang out, work together on school projects, and host friendly gatherings. Asuna and The Sleeping Knights held a small party at the cabin to celebrate their success in defeating the floor boss and having their names on the Monument of Swordsmen. The forest cabin reminds Asuna of her grandparent’s home in real life. When Asuna convinced her mother to join her in ALO, it was in this very cabin where the two finally sat down together and talked.

2. Yuuki’s and Asuna’s spot/Duel Island on Floor 24


The island where Asuna met Yuuki.

This is where Yuuki held the tryouts for the boss raid and where she met Asuna. On this island, Yuuki would fight challengers to determine who is strong enough to join The Sleeping Knights in their endeavor. It didn’t take long for Yuuki to realize that Asuna is the right person and this was the start of their friendship. Although the island remains unnamed, it is generally known as Yuuki and Asuna’s spot. On this island, Yuuki opened her heart to Asuna, and, on this island, Yuuki passed away in Asuna’s arms surrounded by all of her friends and lots of other ALO players who showed up for support.

1. World Tree


The World Tree.

The heart of the land of fairies, the World Tree or Yggdrasil sustains and nourishes the realm. Throughout the series, the World Tree was featured in several events. During the Fairy Dance Arc, it was atop of the World Tree where Oberon (Sogou Nobuyuki) caged Asuna. She was freed when Kirito managed to get there and to defeat Oberon. In Calibur Arc, it is revealed that the roots of the World Tree nurture Jotunheimr. The king of the Ice Giants, Thrymr plans to enslave all other races and territories on his way to Yggdrasil’s summit but he is stopped in time by Kirito and his friends.