In this article I’ll present Kirito’s best skills and weapons from the games. Of course all of this are backed up by talent, courage and many supportive friends. Without futher ado, let’s get started!

5. Kagemitsu G4 (aka photon sword)

Even though this is very different from the swords Kirito uses it was very useful in his GGO fights and his bullet cutting and dodging technique helped him in later fights in ALO. We also have to appreciate the Star Wars reference of this weapon.

Kirito using his photon sword.


4. Dark Repulser

The custom made blade which Liz crafted deserves a spot in this top. It was created from metal obtained from a special quest and to fit Kirito’s liking, what else can help him well in battle? Sadly, this sword was destroyed in Kirito’s battle with Heathcliff, but it was a noble sacrifice in order to help everyone escape.


3. Elucidator

This was Kirito’s main sword in his SAO battles. Heavy and durable, it is just to Kirito’s liking. He received it on the 50th floor of Aincrad and stayed with him until the end. Out of all weapons that he used, I think is the one that represents Kirito the most.


2. Holy Sword Excalibur

A legendary weapon in ALO and possibly the strongest from the game. It was obtained through a unique quest. Despite working so hard for it and wishing to have it for so long, Kirito had to throw it away in order to escape after the quest was completed. Good thing that Sinon managed to retrieve it for him.


1. Dual Blades Skill

This is obviously the number one skill that Kirito possesses in game. This skill was granted to the best swordsman in SAO and it played a big role in defeating Heathcliff and saving everyone from the death game. This skill was adapted by Kirito in other games, for example how he alternatively changed the swords he used in ALO to create the illusion of this skill being used. Could it be that this skill has made Kirito ambidextrous or was he before?

Kirito with Elucidator and Dark Repulser on his back.


That concludes my list. Which one of Kirito’s weapons or skills is your favourite?