It’s official: we’re getting SAO season 3, which will adapt the fourth main Arc of the SAO novels. The official name of this season is Sword Art Online: Alicization, named after the Alicization Arc that will be adapted.

Official illustration for the Alicization Arc

General information

Type: TV

Date of release: October 2018

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genres: Action, Game, Fantasy, Sci-Fi


This section might contain spoilers.

Kirito’s help is required again. He was asked by a private company called Rath to test their new FullDive machine, called Soul Translator (STL). He just had to spend the weekends in FullDive. Also, his memories from within the game were blocked for security measures. This also hides the true purpose of the project: to create AI that could fight in war. This was actually foreshadowed In the SAO movie, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, where projects for creating AI were being developed already.

The world that Kirito lived in that game was called Underworld. There time passes at a very accelerated speed. He lived for 11 years in that world and went through a lot of things together with his friends, Eugeo and Alice. These are two new major characters that appear in this arc. We will talk about them in the next section.


Besides the characters we already know, there are two characters that have a major role in this arc, Eugeo and Alice. Of course that there are many other minor characters, but here we will briefly talk about the new main ones.

Official illustration featuring Eugeo, Alice and Kirito as children


Eugeo is Kirito’s best friend and partner during the Alicization events. He is a very kind and selfless person that usually puts the needs of others before his own. He used to be a compliant person who lacked resolve. However, this changes through the story as the events unfold. His character development is yet another thing we can’t wait to see in this new season!

Official illustration of Kirito and Eugeo together

Alice Zuberg

Alice was a childhood friend of Kirito and Eugeo. She is a determined and hardworking person. Despite having a serious personality overall, she’s still adventurous and even mischievous. She broke the Taboo Index, which is the set of laws in the Underworld, and received punishment. She was forced to become an Integrity Knight, and this lead her to be separate from Kirito and Eugeo. Years later, the three friends meet again and fight together.

Official illustration of Eugeo, Alice and Kirito

The things mentioned here are just a part of what the big Alicization Arc has for us. Everything sounds very exciting. Hopefully we can meet new characters and get lost in the story in the anime adaptation soon!