Hottest Sword Art Online Asuna Moments

We have compiled a list of the hottest Asuna moments in the series and movies 🙂 Check these out!

Please note this post may contain some nudity ! Continue on your own risk.

Crimson Killing Intent – Season 1, Episode 10, 19:10 – 19:30

After defeating Kuradeel, Asuna and Kirito proceeded to her house on the 61st floor where Asuna cooked a dinner. Once the dinner was eaten, Asuna stood up, turned off the lights, and removed her clothes. It seems that she misunderstood Kirito when he said that he wanted to spend the night with her. When she was done, she asked Kirito to do the same and he explained that he just wanted to spend time with her. What would you have done in his position? Let us know!

Edge of Hell’s Abyss – Season 1, Episode 13, 4:45 – 5:45

On their last duty-free night spent in the house on the 25th floor, Kirito and Asuna were lying down on the bed when Asuna suddenly gave off sexy vibes. While nothing particularly hot happens, there’s just something on Asuna’s face that makes her look super hot and naughty.

The Sword Dance of Black and White – Season 1, Episode 8, 14:00 – 14:30

A day after they’re seen dining together and making a party, Asuna and Kirito meet on the 74th floor. As Asuna comes rushing out of the portal, she jumps on the Kirito and knocks him to the ground. While lying on the ground, Kirito was ‘accidentally’ groping her squishy breast. She then pushed him away hard enough to make him fly while blushing in the cutest way possible.

Sword Art Online – Extra Edition Movie, 06:02 – 06:05

Not much new happens in this movie, but at least we get to see Asuna in her sexy body-revealing swimsuit. The moment doesn’t last long, but it sure is worth the time to check it out. Asuna, Lisbeth, Silica, and Suguha were having a pool party. Which of these girls is your favorite?

Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale Movie, 25:50 – 26:00

The best was saved for the last. In the Sword Art Online movie Ordinal Scale, we can see that Asuna has matured in the right places. Soon after meeting with Kirito and Yui in their house in the new ALO, Asuna decided to take a bath. While surfing the web on her phone, she received a message from Klein related to the appearance of the next boss. She decided to take off in order to participate in the fight and revealed her best ‘moves’ while getting out of the bathtub.