Best Intense Sword Art Online Moments


The Red-Nosed Reindeer – Season 1 Episode 3

Kirito decided to join the Moonlit Black Cats after helping them out in a dungeon fight. He wanted to make sure that they can take care of themselves before he leaves. They spent a lot of time together and became good friends. One day, their leader was looking for new headquarters, and the rest of the members went on a hunt in the labyrinths of the 27th floor. They found a treasure room and found themselves trapped in it. Being unable to teleport out, the members were surprised and overtaken by the monsters. Everyone, except Kirito, died on the spot. After learning about these events, Keita, their guild leader, committed suicide.

The Black Swordsman – Season 1 Episode 4

After Kirito and Silica obtained the Pneuma Flower and finished their quest together, they were soon ambushed by Rosalia and her orange guild called the Titan’s Hand. The members of the guild began attacking Kirito, but his regeneration rate was higher than the damage of all the players combined. He then threatened Rosalia to give in and arrested all of the guild’s members. While the scene is quite intense, it also shows just how overpowered Kirito already was at that moment.

The Blue-Eyed Demon – Season 1 Episode 9

Upon hearing the screams coming from the Gleam-Eyes boss’ room, Asuna and Kirito rushed in to help other players, as they were unable to escape by teleporting. Klein and his guild members also assisted in the fight but were apparently no match for the boss until Kirito revealed his unique skill called Dual Wield and the accompanying Starburst Stream attack.

Crimson Killing Intent – Season 1 Episode 10

Being unable to swallow his pride, Kuradeel paralyzed Godfree and Kirito during their training. He then killed Godfree and began stabbing Kirito. Asuna rushed in and saved him but didn’t finish off Kuradeel. He launched another attack at Asuna, but Kirito jumped in and sacrificed his arm to protect her. He then killed Kuradeel who called him a murderer.


Yui’s Heart – Season 1 Episode 12

Yui, the sweet little AI, was in the dungeon of the Black Iron Palace on the 1st floor together with Kirito and Asuna. They were on a mission to rescue Thinker when they were ambushed by The Fatal Scythe, a powerful boss believed to be above level 90. Kirito and Asuna being unable to do anything about it, Yui had to intervene and defeat the boss. It was then revealed that Yui was an immortal object and was erased from the system after being recognized as a glitch.

The End of the World – Season 1 Episode 14

After defeating the boss of the 75th floor called The Skull Reaper, Kirito launched a surprise attack at Heathcliff, the commander of the Knights of the Blood. He appeared to be an immortal object and revealed his true identity as Kayaba Akihiko. He then paralyzed everyone, killed Asuna, and stabbed Kirito. As he was nearly dead, he defied the logic of the game and stabbed/killed Heathcliff, therefore prematurely ending the Death Game.

The Lugru Corridor – Season 1 Episode 19

In this episode, Kirito and Leafa found themselves cornered by the group of hostile players. They had no choice but to fight them off in order to avoid dying and losing precious time to get to the World Tree. Kirito was fighting hard while Leafa was healing him, but they couldn’t overpower the enemy until Kirito transformed into a large beast resembling the Gleam-Eyes boss.

Gilded Hero – Season 1 Episode 24

This is an episode that filled our hearts with hatred towards Oberon who chained and sexually abused Asuna. As Kirito finally found Asuna, Oberon easily overpowered him by abusing his status as the GM. Nevertheless, Kirito being the invincible guy, he couldn’t go down so easily. He was contacted by Kayaba Akihiko who gave him his command ID for Heathcliff which had superior authority than Oberon’s ID, due to ALO being a copy of SAO. Kirito then beat the crap out of Oberon and sliced him to pieces.

Phantom Bullet – Season 2 Episode 13

The fight between Kirito and Sterben continues right at the beginning of this episode. During the battle, Kirito discovered that Death Gun was previously known as the Red-Eyed XaXa, a brutal player of the Laughing Coffin guild from the Sword Art Online world. After being defeated in the game, Shinkawa Shouichi (Death Gun) visited and molested Asada Shino (Sinon) in real life until Kirito showed up.


Mother’s Rosario – Season 2 Episode 24 T_T

For many of us, this episode consists of the most emotionally intense scene in the whole anime. After making it to the Monument of Swordsmen, Yuuki gave in to her fight with cancer and died in Asuna’s arms. She was accompanied to the afterlife by around 1,000 players who gathered to pay their respects and goodbyes.