Asuna is voiced by the talented Tomatsu Haruka. Let’s take a look at 5 other of her roles!


Morgiana (Magi)

Morgiana is the main female character of Magi. Despite all that she’s been through she decided to move forward and find a better life, and also find her origins. Beautiful, caring and very strong, she’s one girl you want by your side. Despite having huge physical power, she can be the most gentle and kind person out there.


Hitei (Katanagatari)

Katanagatari is an amazing anime filled with great characters, and Hitei makes no exception. Even thought she appears cruel, that’s only because she knows what she wants. She’s also the rival of the female protagonist of this story, so she has to put on a bit of a villain face, right?


Nagi (Kannagi)

Nagi is the protagonist of Kannagi. She is a goddess that has to purify this world, but as her powers weaken, she needs the help of others. The title of a goddess doesn’t stop her from being a cute and lovable tsundere!


Haru Okumura (Persona 5)

The Persona games have a great success all over the world. Tomatsu Haruka voices Haru Okumura in the 5th games of this series and next year she will voice her in the anime adaptation! Coming from a wealthy family, she just wants to be free from all the problems that such a family can cause, just like our heroine, Asuna.


Deviluke Lala Satalin (To LOVE-Ru)

Lala is one of the main characters from the To LOVE-Ru series. She is out of this world, literally. She’s an alien that came to Earth to escape marriage. Cheerful, curious and cute, she steals the hearts of many fans. One distinguishing thing about her is that she likes to invent a lot of things and use them.