• She stated that she doesn’t believe she has a love rival.
  • When in SAO, she maxed her cooking skill, but she stated that cooking in SAO is boring because it’s oversimplified. She is good at cooking in real life too.

    Asuna cooking in SAO.


  • In Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, she stated that she is scared of ghosts.
  • She’s one of the only two known players to use their real name as their in-game name (the other one being Yuuki).
  • Her name, Asuna (明日奈), can be translated as “apple tree in the bright sun”, while her surname, Yuuki (結城), is written as “joined castle”. Yuuki is also the Japanese word for “courage”, but it’s written like 勇気.

    Yuuki Asuna, written in kanji. (read vertically from right to left)