• The name of her Original Sword Skill, Mother’s Rosario, was given based on a memento from her mother, a rosary.

    Yuuki’s mom as a nun. She was a religious person.


  • She’s one of the only two known players to use their real name as their in-game name (the other one being Asuna).
  • Due to using medicuboid, she spent three years in the virtual world, making her one of the few people that spent more time in games than the SAO survivors.

    Yuuki using medicuboid.


  • When she talks about herself she uses the pronoun “boku”, which is usually used by males. This shows a tomboy nature.
  • Her surname, Konno (紺野), is written as “navy (colour) field”, while her name, Yuuki (木綿季), comes from hamayuu (浜木綿), which means crinum, and ki (季) meaning season. This name was given to her because she was born in the season when crinums bloom.

    Konno Yuuki, written in kanji. (read vertically from right to left)