• She aspires to be the best at kendo from the whole country.

    Suguha practising kendo.


  • She admitted that sometimes kendo is hard for her since she doesn’t have the appropriate height, but she won’t use that as an escuse.
  • She loves flying in ALO so much that Recon gave her the nickname “Speedaholic”.

    Leafa flying in ALO.


  • She stated that her ideal man is a “refreshing person who doesn’t fuss over small details”.
  • Her surname, Kirigaya, is written as 桐ヶ谷, meaning valley of Paulownia (flower trees from Japan), while her name, Suguha (直葉), is written as “straight leaf”. Her IGN, Leafa, might be inspired from this.

    Kirigaya Suguha, written in kanji. (read vertically from right to left)