• Kirito seems to be very good with computers, since he built his own from parts when he was just in elementary school and he managed to stop Yui from disappearing by storing her into his NerveGear.

    Kirito’s computer setup.


  • His motto is “Do not regret what you have done”.
  • He stated that he had his first love when he joined the Moonlit Black Cats Guild, so his first love was Sachi.

    Kirito and Sachi sleeping together.


  • He stated that if he were an animal, he would be an orange wolf. This is based on a Japanese fortune-telling that relies on your birth date. You can check yours here.
  • Kirito’s first name, Kazuto, is written as 和人, meaning peaceful man. His surname, Kirigaya, is written as 桐ヶ谷, meaning valley of Paulownia (flower trees from Japan.)

    Kirigaya Kazuto, written in kanji. (read vertically from right to left)