• Her glasses aren’t made to correct her eyesight. They are made NXT polymer which is able to withstand bullet impact, so her glasses make her feel more secure and help her with her trauma.

    Asada Shino wearing her glasses.


  • Her motto is: “One Shot, One Kill”.
  • She is very attached to her GGO weapon, Hecate (full name PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II). It’s a rare item that she obtained by fighting a boss-class monster for about 3 hours.

    Sinon using Hecate.


  • Her hobbies are reading and playing VRMMOs.
  • Her name, Shino (詩乃), is written as “from poetry” (as in “originating from poetry”), while her surname, Asada (朝田), is written as “morning field”.

    Asada Shino, written in kanji. (read vertically from right to left)