We love SAO and we would watch it for hours, but what do we do when we run out of episodes? Well, we could watch series that are similar to SAO. Here are 5 of them:

1. No Game No Life

No Game No Life official art featuring Sora, Shiro and Stephanie

No Game No Life follows the story of two gaming geniuses, Sora and Shiro, known under the name of Blank. One day, they receive an e-mail that challenges them to a game of chess. Obviously they can’t refuse, but this leads to them being sent to another world in which every problem is solved by playing games. Here they meet new people, face a lot of challenges and become very well-known due to their skills for games. They are also on a mission to unite the land and defeat Tet, the God of games. Don’t these big goals remind you of our SAO heroes? Moreover, Sora, the main character, has the same Japanese voice actor as Kirito, Yoshitsugi Matsuoka.

Will they be able to reach their goals? If you’re curious to see what sort of challenges they have to face, go watch it now!

2. Log Horizon

Official art featuring Naotsugu, Shiroe and Akatsuki

Thirty thousand Japanese players just wanted to enjoy the new update of a popular MMORPG, Elder Tale. However, seems like they’ll have to enjoy it for a long time since they can’t log out anymore. Being stuck in a video game with no way to log out? We’ve heard that before. The main characters are Shiroe, a veteran to the game, Naotsugu, his unlucky friend that logged in after a long time just to be stuck in there, and Akatsuki, an assassin that sees Shiroe as her master. They will have to adapt to this new life and find ways to get around the situation. How will they be able to do so? What adventures are waiting for them? Find out by watching!

3. Accel World

Official art featuring the main characters

Of course one of the anime on this list had to be Accel World, since it’s written by SAO’s author, Reki Kawahara. Haruyuki Arita escapes from his everyday problems through video games. One day he logs in to see that all of his high scores are beaten by Kuroyukihime, the student council vice president. Unexpectedly, she invites him to the student lounge to introduce him to “Brain Burst”, an advanced program that also functions as a fighting game. She asks for his help to beat the game and find the reason behind its creation. Will they be able to do it? What obtacles must they face on their way? Find out by watching!


Official art featuring Himiko and Ryouta Sakamoto

If you want something darker and more mature then this is the one for you. Ryouta Sakamoto wakes up forced to play some Battle Royale sort of game. However, this horrible game doesn’t take part in a virtual world, but in the real one. Each player has to kill seven other players using their “BIM” bombs in order to earn the right to return to their homes. Just like SAO, this is a game that risks the player’s life. How many will survive? What is the motive behind such a horrible killing game? Find out by watching this thrilling anime!

5. .hack//SIGN

Official art featuring Subaru and Tsukasa.

One of the early anime that had the “trapped inside a video game” theme. One day Tsukasa wakes up in a MMORPG called The World and is unable to log out. Suffering from memory loss and hiding from anything that might cause him harm, he tries to look for a way to log out of the game. Subaru, the leader of the Crimson Knights and other several players that encounter Tsukasa try to help him in his quest. Will Tsukasa be able to log out or will he just learn how to live in the game world as if he was born there? You can find out by watching the anime!

How many of these have you seen? Do you have any others you would recommend? Comment below!