Author: Zan Kokalj

Knights of the Blood

Guild Name: Knights of the Blood Japanese: Ketsumei Kishidan Origin: Sword Art Online Type: Green Guild Guild Leader: Heathcliff Known Members: Heathcliff, Asuna, Daizen, Kuradeel, Godfree, Kirito   Knights of the blood are a medium-sized guild that recruited only the top players and participated in the clearing of the majority of high-level dungeons. Due to the high levels and skills of their members, the Knights of the blood were often acknowledged as the supreme guild in the world of Sword Art Online. They wear noble red and white uniforms and are stationed in the living area of the 55th floor, in...

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Laughing Coffin

Guild Name: Laughing Coffin Japanese: Rafin Kofin Origin: Sword Art Online Type: PK (orange/red) Guild Guild Leader: PoH Known Members: PoH, Johnny Black, XaXa, Kuradeel   Laughing Coffin is a notorious PK (Player Killing) guild originating in the world of Sword Art Online. They are known to be extremely violent and enjoy torturing and killing, which is why they are also known as the ‘red guild’. The most common method that they used on their victims was paralysis, which was followed by torturing until the victim died. The guild was founded by PoH who began recruiting orange players in their ranks. Before...

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